Evolution of Journalism

From paper and writing to my iPhone and typing

The first social media site began in 1997, since then it has evolved into so many different platforms. The present ones now being You-tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course we can’t forget Snap chat. Cell phones have evolved, social media has evolved which forces Journalist to change the way they tell stories. This can be positive and essentially give a story a stronger value, but it can also be negative because people can easily create a false narrative around a story since social media is open to the public. This can be controversial but just like you would with any source, you must do proper research. Personally, I believe there is greater good that can come from this than bad. We are now exposed to so much more information, so it’s our job to take the new and make magic happen.

A great example where social media and a cell phone took a story to the next level was the George Floyd case. Without that video showing how the officer kneeled on his neck till his death, I can guarantee that the possibilities of justice would have been little to none. This case has undeniably impacted the whole world and re-hatched the Black Lives Matters Movement. Evidently, this shows how social media/a cell phone contributed to justice and sparked off a revolution.

Although social media and cell phones have completely changed the way Journalist give news, engage with their audience, and publish content, I believe that it has been a progressive movement as long as we continue to use them the proper way. The future is unpredictable, and Journalism will continue to evolve. Who knows, maybe in 2050 we will be able to communicate through a form of telepathy? That would really be a game changer!



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Betsy Acosta

UH Journalism student with a whole lot to say. Passionate about the things that matter to me. Follow me on my socials @betsyyacosta on all handles!