I bet my money on Instagram and Youtube

“People are less frequently opening up a web browser and typing the address of a news website. Rather, more and more people end up at news websites by clicking a link in a social media post that catches their attention. “, Anthony Ardonato.

With all this new technology, Journalist are often pushed on new trends and apps that force them to participate and if the Journalist is smart enough these trends/apps can actually benefit their career.

In the Trint article, “Social Media for Journalist: Why is it so important?” the author states, “Of all the social media giants, Twitter is still the most prolific in the journalism world. It has been heralded as the top social site for breaking news, with lots of big stories breaking on the Twittersphere before reaching major cable stations.” And as a person who predominately gets their news from Twitter, I can somewhat agree. The reason I say somewhat is because although Twitter is a great platform for breaking news and following stories, I truly believe that video form Journalism is slowly making its way to the top. Yes, getting a quick link to a story is awesome but being able to watch a video that provides the same information completely beats that.

My prediction is that eventually, we will all get our News from applications like Instagram IGTV’s and YouTube. I predict this because of the sole reason that little by little people’s attention span gets shorter and shorter and everyone is going to end up watching fast news rather than going to google and searching up a news outlet.

YouTube and Instagram are going to end up being the top sources along with Twitter because for some reason Twitter never dies!

YouTube and Instagram have both respectably paved their way and showed how much you can do on them. So many people are creating careers around these platforms by simply showcasing their personalities. Like I mentioned on my recent blogs, Journalist are not just writers anymore they also becoming Public Figures and they now have to create a relationship with their audience. Youtube and Instagram are the go to’s for that.

What better way to do that than to show them your personality via video? How convenient would it be to watch a credible Journalist tell us the top stories via Youtube or via Instagram?



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Betsy Acosta

UH Journalism student with a whole lot to say. Passionate about the things that matter to me. Follow me on my socials @betsyyacosta on all handles!