Sofia Ojeda taught me…

After taking News and Social Media with Sofia Ojeda (OMG! Still in shock), I can truly say that I have learned so much throughout my time in this course. We went through all the loops of how much Social Media pertains to the News in this day and age. With all this new technology and fast paced social media, the news is forced to change its’ old school ways of telling stories or holds the risk of being left behind.

Like I have mentioned in my recent blogs, we have learned that Social Media plays a huge role in News. With applications like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, we are given news ten times faster. Now anyone can provide the people with news events, regardless if you’re a Journalist. This means that Journalist must come to amends with these applications and use them to their advantage. Meaning that these Social Media’s could actually even be a way for Journalist to up their career.

How you may ask?

Well, now that Journalist have an audience at their hands 24/7, they are responsible for building a relationship with these people. To be a great Journalist you must learn to communicate with your audience as well as providing them stories. Social Media allows anyone to build a brand of themselves, the more people that follow you and interact with you the more exposure your brand and stories have, so its highly recommended for Journalist to try to build that brand.

Personally, I believe that the top three Social Media’s to build a brand in and share stories in have to be Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. I think these three apps are a great way to do this in because you are allowed to be both professional and personal on all three. Instagram lets you share quick videos and pictures about anything you want, Twitter lets you tweet out to your audience and allows you to have conversations with them on a more personal level, and YouTube lets you share longer videos where you can showcase your stories or even share personal vlogs/videos of your daily life. These are the top three applications I would recommend trying when building a brand. It’s been proven many times that consistency is key with everything that you do.

With the right work ethic, these tips can take you far as Journalist.

Stay consistent, stay trendy, but most important of all make sure to share stories that can change people’s lives and always use your platform to spread awareness on the topics that matter the most.


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Betsy Acosta

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