Tik Tok Start Adam Ray Okay (Aka Rosa) and Marlen Dizzle

TikTok started as an app where people would share recipes and dances with each other but ended up evolving as another app where users could grow their following to eventually start making money off brand deals and sponsorships. The influence it has on the world is obvious and the millions of viewers a month is the proof. According to an article by Wallaroo’s, “TikTok has about 850 million monthly active users. In November of 2018, TikTok reported that the number was 680 million monthly active users. We estimate that it’s increased to 850 million as of now (September 2020).” This has brought endless opportunities to numerous people who are now considered “Tik Tok Stars” or “TikTok Influencers.”

On a feature issued by Cosmopolitan, The Whitewashed World of TikTok Has Work to Do and Rosa and Marlene are Taking the Lead, Mia Liadieres states that they have received 11.9 million views and 1 million likes and comments on one of their collabs. Tik Star’s, Adam Martinez (also known as Rosa) and Marlene Mendez, have paved their way through TikTok and created a career through the app. Their characters on TikTok became popular due to their relatable high school facetime call videos where they conversate about things like showing off their hickey during third period, asking for an extra maxi pad in class, and being hungover at school after a crazy night out.

Thanks to TikTok and their well-received humor, Adam and Marlene have made it possible to go beyond just TikTok videos. They have both branched out to YouTube and Instagram where they get to show their supporters a more personal side to them and also have been given the opportunity to work with brands like Baddie B Lashes and Laura’s Boutique.

In an interview with Insider and Adam, he talks about the future of his character Rosa, “I’m gonna take my time with her, quality over quantity. I feel like I have to take my time, get a good video, and once it’s out, it does well.” As for his future plans with Rosa, “She’s popping, so I’m just gonna keep doing her and see where it takes me.” Adam is in the works of more YouTube videos and has even dropped some Rosa merch for her fans.

In regard to Marlene, she is also making moves since her viral videos. According to Latino Post, she has gained over 100k followers on Instagram. Nonetheless, her thousands of followers are not her only accomplishment, she is also a business major graduate from UC Merced. Apart from that, she mentioned, “TikTok seems to be the way into other opportunities, such as acting, reality television, journalism perhaps. I can’t wait to see where my path leads me, and I hope it encourages other Latinx to chase their dreams and become successful without changing themselves or forgetting where they came from”

Tik Tok has become a voice for anyone that wants to start something new, whether it be cooking recipes, dancing, or simply sharing positive advice and energy. It has given so many people the chance to show their true personality as well as created opportunities for them to build up their following and make actual income from just being themselves.

Social Media is changing lives every day, but TikTok has changed the game!









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